The Father says today, give yourself over to My love today. Be renewed in your capacity to actually feel My love and experience it as a measurement of what your day looks like. There are those that are past feeling who are full of skepticism and mockery. All they know is pessimism and unbelief. That is not your portion. Refuse to sit in the seat of the mocker. Come out from the company of those who have nothing good to say about anything. They think their negativity and proclamations of doom and conspiracies of evil make them knowledgeable. They have become intoxicated with the sound of their own voice. Come out from among them and be separate. Separate yourself to My joy and My peace. Come out to the place where fear is replaced by celebration and dancing for joy because I am with you and will never forsake you.
Fear is an unclean spirit. Guilt is a lie, for the blood of the Cross is poured out for you. Appropriate your forgiveness and your deliverance from the chains of sin and sorrow. My truth is in you. It is who I AM on the inside of you. Circumstances may be true, but I AM the TRUTH. Your truth is not a description of the situation. Your truth is a person – even MY person on the inside of you. As you reject the lie of the natural and embrace the reality of My Spirit within you then change is possible. I will deliver you from destruction and I will deliver you from your own failed tendencies. Step into this reality. Run to your Abba Father and be free. I am here, always ready to receive you as you come with humility and you come contrite. I will receive you to Myself and set you in the cleft of the rock till the storm is over past.