The Father says today, I am sheltering you. I am your shelter. I have drawn Myself over you as a canopy of grace to shield you from the consequences of your choices and the choices of others. You don’t do everything perfect, says the Father, and I don’t expect you to. Contrary to popular theology, I don’t leave you to your own deserts and I don’t abandon you to the consequences of your own immaturity and imperfection. If that is who I am and what I do then the Cross would never have happened. I know you are but dust. I know your frame. I understand human frailty, for I drank the dregs of the human condition in My earth walk.

I am defending you and delighting in you, says the Father. I don’t regard you with benign contempt. On the contrary, I am impassioned toward you with all of My heart. My passion for you motivated Me to go to the Cross. It was My love for you that restrained Me from calling legions of angels to deliver Me from the Cross. It was My love for you that compelled Me to endure a thousand insults and the defamation of men in order that I might obtain the bride of which you are a part. You are My delight, says the Father. Bask in the radiance of My love for you. The sting of rejection and the unearned contempt of others will be lessened when you realize how much I truly delight in you. I have engraved your name on My hand with the fragrant stains of nuptial campfire says the Father. I have tattooed your name on My hands. I will never forsake you. Your name will never fade from before Me. My love for you is not an after-thought. It is an all-consuming desire that justifies My existence in eternity. Receive My love beloved and know that you are truly loved.